December 26-27th Blizzard

One day after Christmas day we were graced with a delightful snow storm. It wasn't exactly a white Christmas, but I can settle with a storm right after. Anyway on Monday the storm still carried strong, so my friends and I took a walk to the coffee shop in our town to enjoy a cup while it snowed.


Paul + Krystal's Wedding

Back in October my two bosses at Studio Foto tied the knot and asked if I could film it and I was more than happy to. They have helped me so much since I was a senior in college and have been a long time family friends. I was also fortunate enough to get the video published on Style Me Pretty. Be sure to go check out the blog post on Style Me Pretty .... HERE!
And enjoy the movie I made for them.

Paul + Krystal's Wedding - 10-10-10 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.