Underdog Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is a promotional video for a gym my good friend Matt "The Mangler" Bessette trains at. Owner Russell Leak reached out to me about doing the video after I did a video for Matt about a year and a half ago. I gladly said yes and off we went. This is the long promo and I will be editing a 30 second commercial spot, and probably a longer documentary style video about the gym. Enjoy!

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Club Loose - Freedom Moves

Oh damn! It's been awhile since this event. The good news is I've been busy working on a lot of great projects. Bad news is I delayed getting this beautiful and hilarious piece done. Check it out, and love it. Thanks Dewey for the song recommendation. It certainly is different, but that makes it great. I hope.
Enjoy and don't hesitate to post comments, questions or concerns below. I secretly hope you have tons of concerns. Boom!

Mercworks Promo

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today is a perfect fall day, and for that I deliver to you this delightful piece I concocted with my friend Dave Mercier aka Mercworks. He is a comic artist, and all around creative type like me that I decided needed an awesome little video about him because making videos is what I do. I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to like his page on Facebook for regular comic updates. facebook.com/mercworks.net
I love you all.