Drift Faction Video

Here it is! Finally after what felt like 300 weeks. Typically my turn around on these things is about a week, so that is unfortunate. All things aside, it was a great Drift Faction event. Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck and his brother Evan were in attendance.

Enjoy, and share it. Go!

Drift Faction · May 13 2011 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Dewey at Drift Faction!

Here is the first video of two from this past Friday's Drift Faction event. This highlights Dewey and his skills. It's a little short, but its super sweet! Enjoy, and share!

PS Get ready for the full Drift Faction video coming soon! In the mean time enjoy this, and re-watch the teaser on the previous post. Doo it!

Drift Faction · May 13 2011 · DEWEY from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Drift Faction Teaser

Coming soon, two videos from May 13's Drift Faction! One focusing on a bad-ass named Dewey and the other covering all of the Drifting event. Enjoy and get ready!