My name is Jeremy White of T. Fairfax films and I'm a film-maker and actor. Although the past year I've been focusing on my film-maker side in order to start making a name for myself with projects that I'm in control of the quality. Too often as an actor you are at the mercy of the people creating the film and its always a gamble about how good the movie will be.
For me it wasn't worth the effort. With that conclusion came a whole onslaught of ambition in a direction I was comfortable going. Pushing hard in the commercial, music video, and video promotion world I am seeking out youthful, exciting, fun, and polite groups to work with that trust my quality and are excited to create something great together.
I have an extreme passion for quality video/film filled with emotion, and crisp visuals. My number one priority is meeting great people who share my passions whether or not they themselves are film makers.

If you want to inquire with me about any sort of projects don't be afraid! Travel is not an issue, in fact I prefer it. Head over to the contact page and send me an e-mail.

And if you just want some beauty of the world in your face real quick, watch this :

Winter Beach // Misquamicut from Jeremy White on Vimeo.