Hanh Solo!

After meeting Dewey and going to those two events, I met his friend Hanh at drift faction. After I made the Drift Faction video he asked me if I could do an edit of him. I figured it could be a good test to see how good I could make it, so I agreed.

Then a couple weeks ago he asked if I wanted to film him at a Rally Cross event on the 15th. Since there is a lack of projects to do in the winter I jumped all over the chance to film some more car action.

So enjoy the two movies I did! Note his unofficial race name is Hanh Solo.

Hanh Solo - Rally Cross, 1-15-2011 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Hanh Solo - Drift Faction, 11-6-2010 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

A handful of months ago I met this bad ass Asian named Dewey and he is big into racing and drifting. So we quickly arranged me filming him doing his thing in his rustic and epic Mazda Miata. Enjoy the videos I did for him at CT Autocross, and at Drift Faction.

CT Autocross, 10-24-2010 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Drift Faction, 11-6-2010 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

When I'm working at home and the day seems to drag on. All I have to do is turn around and a little ball of white fur will be bunched up smack dab in the middle of my floor. Seeing him laying there, seemingly uncomfortable, but probably extremely comfortable makes the day that much more beautiful.
Enjoy this A.D.D video I did of him hanging out with me.

Meet Cody. from Jeremy White on Vimeo.