Ryan Tuerck - Kickin' Back

Here it is!! My video of and for Ryan Tuerck from Club Loose's Freedom Moves event in New Jersey. I wanted to push the social interactions and get the feeling of the mood during the event rather than pure drift after drift with no break. Do not fear drift-heads there is plenty of crazy drifting to go around, so I hope you enjoy! If you don't enjoy it .... pretend you did and share it accordingly.


In the middle of editing I decided to take this picture because I love Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale, especially when It's my copilot while editing. I'm working on the Ryan Tuerck video first then the Freedom Moves re-cap video. RT comes first not only because he was cool enough to let me chill and work with him, but his video in theory should be easier since I'm focusing on one driver. In reality, maybe not. We shall see. Either way it's going to be awesome and everyone will love watching it.
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Club Loose's Freedom Moves + Ryan Tuerck Teaser

Here is a teaser I made from the event I was just at, Club Loose's Freedom Moves event. With Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. I was given the honor of filming Ryan Tuerck, so in the next couple weeks keep your eyes open for the Ryan Tuerck video I'll be doing and then a recap video from the whole event. I'm taking my shit to a whole new level! In the mean time check the teaser!
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