Dana-Brew & Home Brewing How To

My friend Dana Bourque, of Brew & Wine Hobby and of Brewniverse is an avid home brewer soon to go pro and asked if I'd be interested in helping him make a How To video to show people from possible investors, to regular customers of Brew & Wine Hobby.
I said yes under one condition .... that he would give me complete creative control. He had no problem agreeing to this, obviously, cause I'm awesome.
Anyway check it out and enjoy! You don't have to be interested in brewing to enjoy this little ditty. Share with everyone!

Home Brewing How To // Preparing A Yeast Starter from Jeremy White on Vimeo.


After meeting Hanh, and doing a drift video for him I ended up getting in contact with Peter the front man for the small, but quickly expanding, clothing company Panic Pop. Peter liked my Hanh drift video so much he asked me to do a handful of promo videos for his company. Since he seemed awesome, and Panic Pop matched that level of awesome, I agreed to it.
I developed the concept, occasionally checking in with Peter to see if my idea remained on track with what he thought would be cool. Got a great crew together: Erin Infantino of Simply Gorgeous, Becky Houle of The Vicious Kitty, and Paul McNerney of Studio Foto. Not to mention an awesome up and coming model, Kara. Then we all got together for a fun, relaxing, but efficient morning of filming. So check out the final product! Enjoy it! And spread it around!

Panic Pop // Be Jealous from Jeremy White on Vimeo.