Rustic Gentlemen Project

Last June I moved to the place where I grew up. It's a small farm in the country. Despite it being in the country it's a five minute drive from the highway that can get me to either Boston or New York City in a flash so I can maintain progress on my career while still tending to the farm while my Dad is away. When I moved my two friends Chad, a writer, and Billy, a photographer decided to move in with me. There was no way I'd take on this farm without friends around. After being here a handful of months we decided we should create a creative project that would keep all of us creating regularly. What better subject than our lives on the farm as creatives. We decided to start a blog that follows us on our adventures and capture each moment in the most creative way we know how. Chad will be writing a short story about a selected event, I will film it, and Billy will photograph it. Then we upload all three mediums. This project is meant for us to not only share what we experience here, but to push ourselves creatively. I hope you enjoy our story. Check out the blog here ...

Also check out my video for the release. Enjoy and share!


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